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Mobile Climbing Wall

Climbing Hire Mobile Climbing Wall

Our mobile climbing wall is available for any event such as; Educational, Fun day Hire, Party Hire, Reward day. Email us for full details

For dimensions click here

The climbing wall has four sides to enable four people to climb at one time, with over 8 different climbing routes.

Fitted with an auto-belay system which allows four people to climb safely at the same time without someone having to manage the rope work. With this system we can have a high number of participants in a short time.

We can add a manual belay system for educational sessions such as GCSE Sport courses.

  Mobile Climbing Wall Mobile Climbing Wall

Mobile Climbing Wall Dimensions

Since we started offering Mobile Climbing Wall Hire back in 2005, there has always been an issue with accessing some locations. We have now made it as easy as possible to access any location by turning the Mobile Climbing Wall (MCW) from a trailered load to a demountable load which is now carried on a truck. Minimising the size and maximising access opportunities.

Our demountable MCW is now only 9m long x 2.7m wide (including the mirrors) x 3.7m high. We still required 7m ahead of the truck to pull from underneath the MCW.

This illustration is a guide to help understand the dimensions of the Mobile Climbing Wall, both when towed and constructed. If you are unsure if we will be able to access your location please contact us. As a rule, gateways need to be over 2.8m wide with a suitable area to turn into the entrance.