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Mobile Caving System

Caving Caving

Our unique mobile caving experience is now available for hire and suitable for all weather conditions. Ideal for all events such as educational sessions, fun day hire, birthday party, school, corporate, Halloween, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn events, totally weatherproof.

We have created a bespoke, realistic cave with over 100ft of squeezes, potholes and tunnels in one deceptively small compact area. Often referred to a Tardis, please don't be deceived by the appearance on the outside, although the cave (trailer) is 2.5m x 5m it holds around 100ft linear of tunnels and squeezes.

Accessible to all regardless of ability. On a compact trailer so accessing locations is rarely a problem.

With positive feedback from participants we are convinced that our mobile cave is the most realist cave available for hire.

The cave is delivered an a trailer which can be towed by our mobile climbing wall reducing the cost of hire significantly

Helmets and gloves provided to emulate the whole caving experience. Overalls are optional if the participant is wearing shorts and/or a short-sleeved top. Ideally participants will wear long sleeve tops and trousers, so they do not need to wear overalls. Within every 2M there are emergency escape hatches, it is possible to hide these with a 'cat-flap' like door, or to leave them open for the more nervous. If a participant wishes to get out urgently we can assist them through the emergency exits.

The cave can be constructed in 10 minutes.

Realistic features.

Fully insured for £5million

Easy Access

Accessible to all

Minimum working area is only 4mWide by 8mLong.

Discounts are available for multi-activity hire. 20% off when booked with the climbing wall

Email us for full details