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Rotating Climbing Wall Hire

Rock In A Box Mobile Climbing Wall Hire

Hiring options; daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Contact us for a quote.

The mobile rotating climbing wall is likened to a treadmill for the climber. The rotating climbing wall, also known as Rock In A Box or TreadWall, is housed in its own trailer so it can simply arrive anywhere, rain or shine, and be ready for use in 30 minutes. With some forward planning and plenty of notice the rotating wall can be removed from the trailer and positioned inside a building but please contact us to discuss before you book.

The rotating wall has a number of pre-set challenges and a manual control to adjust for a bespoke climb. Not only does the rotating climbing wall rotate but it also tilts forwards and backwards to simulate slabs and overhangs. Great for personal development, an attraction, for promoting a product and a great sporting activity. For individual use or go head to head.

We are now taking bookings for this rotating climbing wall. If you are familiar with the 'Treadwall' then this wall is very similar.

We have more to add in time, for now please contact us with your questions.